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Sursangam has become a major all-India institution in the country under the supervision of Kala Kendra and conducts its own examinations every year as per its rules and regulations (examinations) by its own structure. Such academies, School and institutes are affiliated after proper evaluation of their infrastructure and facilities for training of the institutes affiliated to the center and they have to abide by the rules and regulations of the center prescribed for the specified purpose. The number of such affiliated centers is increasing every year under the supervision of the Center. The quality and reliability of the Centre's examinations gives credence to the new academies each year for affiliation with the Center, which already operates in the style of an open university in the form of a prestigious all-India institution.

We are an advanced institution of international quality cultural education where the pursuit of knowledge and excellence overcoming barriers of nationality, language, cultural plurality and religion will be paramount. The overall development of the students is the main basement of Sursangam Kala Kendra to enable them to achieve all-round success not only in the cultural field but also in all walks of life.

1. The center must have a 'Name'.
2. Subject.
3. An examination center must have at least 20 candidates.
4. If there are less than 20 students, talk to us.
5. Name of the Principal of the Institute/School/Organization
6. Identity card(any) of the principal
7. Color passport size photo of principal.
8. Pan card photo copy of the principal.
9. Qualification in Art Education.
10. Educational Qualifications.
11. Photo copy signed by the principal.
12. Register Mobile Number.
13. Register Mail ID.

The Kendra continues to grant affiliations as per the rules governed by its Board Committee members. Kendra has divided the affiliation program into 2 processes, one through the mail process, and the second through the online application process. Affiliation is granted to such institutions after a proper assessment of their infrastructure. They are required to abide by the Rules & Regulations of Sursangam Kala Kendra meant for the said purpose. Kendra grants affiliation to institutions all over India and abroad.

1. Via Mail - Copy the content and Paste the Mail Box. Document File Upload Needed.

2. Online Application - Fill the form.

Institution Details :
Qualifications Details :
Documents Upload :

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